Wednesday, June 13, 2012

lake burton cabin

We are so excited to share this post with you! A few weeks ago we had the chance to redo a few rooms in a friend's cabin in Lake Burton, Georgia. We always enjoy finding new items for a home, but this project was special because we were able to use a combination of new decor and some old family treasures. When combing through the family's storage items, we hit the jackpot with a collection of antique quilts that perfectly fit the relaxed lake house vibe. We found a friend to make several of these quilts into pillows, which just might be one of our new obsessions. See how great they look tucked into those off-white side chairs?

There's just something about homes in the North Georgia mountains...the best ones always look collected and cobbled together over the years instead of decorated all at once. We love to stay in keeping with that feeling by using furniture that doesn't actually match, but blends together harmoniously. We love the contrast of the old faded wood tables and that great pale-turquoise painted trunk! And this cabin has fantastic light and airiness so we played that up by opting out of window coverings. This way the gorgeous lake views are always visible.

Lake houses are one of our favorite design projects...we can't wait to show you the next one we're doing!